Learn All the FAQs Before You try Melatonin UK

According to statistics, around 16 million adults in the United Kingdom suffer from chronic sleepless nights. A detailed break-up is given below:

  • 31% from this total mass have insomnia
  • 23% can’t sleep owing to poor work-life balance
  • 66% of them have disrupted sleep disorder

Considering such real issues, a gamut of people tend to try melatonin UK. But, it is always easier said than done. For several factors, melatonin is not available over-the-counter there. Hence, the young adults in the UK face a few hurdles with lots of questions regarding this sleeping aid.

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Take a glance at how you can buy melatonin

Who can buy melatonin in the United Kingdom?

In the United Kingdom, almost everyone is allowed to buy melatonin but as a prescription-only drug. So, the only suitable way out is to visit registered practitioners before getting hold of these supplements. Here, the licensed melatonin is sold under the name of ‘Circadian Tablets’ with an optimum dosage of 2mg.

Is there any alternative option?

Of course!

Many online drug stores cater to melatonin supplements made from natural ingredients. These are e-drug sites situated outside the country. Online is the safest and trustable way to buy these supplements over-the-counter. Stores like GNC, Dr Backhaus, Swanson and Natrol serve this drug at fair prices.

In what form is melatonin available?

Melatonin drugs are usually available in 2 forms – liquid and capsule. Liquid is usually for the kids as it is easier to swallow. On the other hand, capsules are suitable for young adults.

What is the check list prior to buying?

Consumers need to keep in mind certain things before they buy melatonin in the UK. For instance, people must consider their medical history and physical condition. Pregnant women, individuals with high blood pressure, diabetics should not intake melatonin. So, it is advisable to consult a practitioner before putting the step ahead.

What are the gains one can have from this sleeping aid?

Apart from promoting good sleep, melatonin has much more to offer:

  • It helps to boost one’s immune system
  • Melatonin supplement is also a super anti-oxidant.
  • Support eye health
  • Prevents heartburn
  • Ease stomach ulcers to a great extent

So, intake of such supplements can improve one’s both mental and physical health by leaps & bounds.

Is there any extra precaution one should take?

Well, yes! One should not have melatonin before going to work or while driving car. It can be fatal. The best time to consume is before going to bed.

Hopefully, with this set of FAQs, people can clear their ambiguity regarding melatonin and its buying process in United Kingdom. Fret not, keep in mind all these factors and buy melatonin in the UK shedding off the complications and hassles.